Re: [NTLK] UTF plugin for Nethopper?

From: Laurent Daudelin <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 2008 - 09:54:53 EST

I'm afraid that only Newtscape will provide images with current
websites. NetHopper is really not an option anymore and Courier,
well, you found out what it is...


Laurent Daudelin
Logiciels Nemesys Software         
On Jan 13, 2008, at 13:15, Jon Glass wrote:
> I've finally gotten my Newton to wirelessly online, and it's
> been--interesting. While Courier is fine for quick browsing of some
> sites, I would like to see images, and be able to enter data into
> forms, for which, I suppose, Nethopper is necessary. However, every
> site I try, I either get host/DNS problems, or the fact that the page
> is encoded in UTF-8, and Nethopper tells me I need a plugin.
> My question is whether or not something was ever done to allow
> Nethopper to open these pages? Courier does fine with them, insofar as
> that goes, but I really need more than Courier gives on these sites...
> BTW, I have the plugin that allows NetHopper to load http 1.1 pages--I
> thought, but I still have problems with web pages, DNS etc. Sometimes,
> it tells me the site/address doesn't exist. What's up with that?
> Is there something else that will work without slowing down my Newton
> like Newtscape does? Thanks.
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