[NTLK] [FS]eMate and 120b

From: Woody Smith <woodysmith_at_comcast.net>
Date: Mon Jan 14 2008 - 17:18:49 EST

I recently spent a weekend moving things around in my basement and
found a few Newton and Mac items that I would like to sell.

Newton messagepad 120b(os 2.0) looks like new; with manual(unopened),
mac cable(unopened), what appears to be a mac to pc serial adapter,
8MG card, Megahertz 28.8 xjack modem and leather case(some wear). I
would like to get $65 USD plus shipping for the package. I will
consider breaking it up.

eMate 300; hinge repair done, good battery, original charger and
teachers manual. It is in very good condition; no scratches or scuffs
on the display, good backlight, nothing missing or broken on the case
though an ID# is neatly scratched on bottom. I would like $65 USD
plus shipping.

eMate display ribbon. $15 USD free shipping.

eMate battery pack. New 'interstate battery' brand. $15 USD free

Mac Radeon 7000 video card 32 MB PCI version. If you are using a blue
and white or earlier this is a great 3D accelerator. Has s-video out
with cable and adapter for tv/monitor and adapters for many CRT or
Flat panel monitors. In original box. I would like $20 plus shipping.

Mac Future Basic programming language for Mac, OS 7.5, 8 with patch.
Original box books and floppies. Maker offer.

Assorted eMate case parts.

Please make offers off list. I will consider any offer.


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