Re: [NTLK] newtontalk Digest V8 #25

From: Clare Shepherd <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 2008 - 17:46:51 EST

On 16 Jan 2008, at 20:52, wrote:

>>> I think this laptop is for Ladies. I think it is a DUO. Nice
>>> design, No
>>> ethernet, No FW, No internal "floppy", little screen, HDD is a joke
>>> 40G+4200RPM. Why he decided to have a broad margin round LCD? Like
>>> DUO's. He
>>> could get 15 inch out of this frame? And a baterry? WHY, tell my
>>> why? No
>>> second hand AIR?

What makes you think women want less capable computers. Just because
it's pretty, doesn't mean we'll turn off our critical factories. I
for one hate the pink case syndrome. As log as it's pink the "girlies
" will buy it. Oh yes, some of us have used computers for 30 or even
40 years and aren't so easily pleased.

Clare (all woman, but tech savvy)

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