Re: [NTLK] MacBook Air [OT]

From: Joel M. Sciamma <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 11:42:20 EST

Essentially the MBA is a portable Mac Mini - a closed box with a
modest spec and a small form factor. It could be that a smaller
screen machine like the MBP 12" was considered but Apple wanted a
machine that could serve a broader user base than might have bought a
micro Mac laptop.

To preserve this good level of usability from screen and keyboard,
it's still quite big and the weight of 1.3kg, double that of the MP2K
and a little less than an eMate, is hefty for a portable device which
also requires a power brick and perhaps a few dongles. It's on the
edge of true portability.

If you already have a desktop machine, then adding a MBA could make a
lot of sense and those whose lives are lived on the road will
appreciate having a full MacOSX machine with less bulk and thus it
will be an important product for Apple.

If your requirements mean that only a MBP will do then the MBA has no
impact on your system - two laptops are probably more of a nuisance
than an advantage. I use my 17" PowerBook mainly on my desk but also
for business trips and I'll always want to have that capability with
me if I have it.

The MBA is a very urban machine and its dependance on wireless
solutions, the lack of ports and optical makes it a bit of a joke out
here in the sticks where little of that infrastructure exists. Out
here, the idea of triangulating between WiFi hotspots is very amusing.

The large trackpad may be a nightmare when typing, as the cursor is
going to jump all over the place as your palms touch the corners -
it's bad enough with my PowerBook G4.

While the MBA is an important product in the Apple range, it's not
the machine that can displace the Newt for me - it's too big and
therefore too close to my PowerBook.

For me, the Newton format is more interesting because there is little
functional overlap and it's much more portable than any sub-notebook.
I think something along these lines with a touch interface will be
forthcoming in the future.

An iPod Touch with a decent data input means would be the shape of a
good product for me. With the emergence of the SDK we might work our
way back to the portfolio of software packages that we currently
enjoy on the Newt.


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