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From: dotline7 <dotline7_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 12:06:18 EST

I agree.

What about more humanistic point of view? We are not add-ons. Computer is
for us and it is our private territory. No thanks for automatic plugins. It
is better Strarbuck's limits it's activities to serving coffee, not
collecting information about visitors.

Secondly, it is time to start thinking about environment. Apple proposition,
the AIR, is irresponsible (battery). The same with Iphone and Ipod. People
who are environment friendly should not buy these devices.

Thirdly, I would propose industry to stop treating customers like idiots and
push them to buy "must-have" gadgets. It would be better if people buy thing
they really need. Recession we have now is a good example of 100%
overconsumption. We loose more we gain. But corporations gain more than
loose. Are we for corporations or corporations are for us.


On 1/17/08 1:43 PM, "Lord Groundhog" <LordGroundhog@gmail.com> wrote:

> ~~~ On 2008/01/16 23:47, Norman Palardy at npalardy@great-white-software.com
> wrote ~~~
>> I got this reply about a similar post on another list.
>> It's a reasonable anwwer to "What the hell is Apple thinking"
>> Seems to me that the concepts included in the Air are more important
>> than the machine itself. This may be the introduction to a new
>> orientation in computing. It would not surprise me if Apple does not
>> expect to sell many of these but rather wants to see how the public
>> reacts.
>> Look at what is presented in the Air:
>> --What people are going to end up amounts to a wireless laptop
>> dock. You set your Air down on your desk, and it wirelessly connects
>> to the peripherals around it: the CD-DVD drive, the external HD, the
>> router, the printer, the other computers on the network, and so on.
>> I think this will catch on. Within a couple of years people will
>> expect this. Plugging something into something else will be a thing
>> of the past.

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