[NTLK] ATA Drivers.. anyone have this happen?

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <GoodwinG_at_aafes.com>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 12:27:19 EST

The interest in the ATA drivers reminded me of the ATA drivers that I
bought. I started tinkering with the Newton I've had in mothballs and
noticed that the ATA drivers only let me format to 4 mb.

Checking the soups, the ATA driver support that was entered is still in
the system. My name is correct. However, the ATA support shows I can
only format 4 mb on a 64 mb card. (Or in partitions of 4 mb.)

I re-installed the latest FULL version of the drivers. When I did it
brought up my code. I tried using that code, and using a slightly wrong
code. The wrong code errored out on installation, the code that was in
the system loaded the software fine.

However, even after re-installing the latest drivers, I was still left
with a program that only formats 4 mb.

Even did this by wiping the Newton memory, installing the ATA support
with the code, worked great on a clean Newton, still didn't work.

I wasn't able to back the installation up to version 5, that is the only
thing I have not tried.

Are others who bought the ATA drivers facing this problem?

And ideas I can try to fix this that I have not tried?

(PS: Existing cards, like my 40 mb and 64 mb cards can be read by the
ATA support just fine.)

Doc Clu

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