Re: [NTLK] Getting MP2100 setup on Wifi

From: Martin Joseph <>
Date: Sun Jan 20 2008 - 01:20:57 EST

On Jan 19, 2008, at 7:38 PM, Joe Breuer wrote:

> Scott,
> I downloaded and installed
> LucentWaveLAN.pkg on
> the Internal Store.
> When I plug in the Wifi card I get the following message.
> "There is a problem with this card.(Newton cannot recognize this
> type of
> card"
You also need to have the complete Newton internet enabler installed
as I recall. This would include the ethernet part.
> The card is a ORiNOCO 802.11b Gold .
> I notice on the back it has Model 8420-WD.
Unfortunately this company (Lucent/Orinoco/Agere/Orinoco) went
through many iterations, and actually REUSED the name "Orinoco Gold"
card with a newer card that uses the Proxim chipset or some other
chipset which is apparently different then the original Lucent/Agere
Wavelan Gold card.

I fear you may have one of these as your above part # is nothing like
my Wavelan Gold card?

> It has 5v 16bit checked. I'm
> still not certain if this is the correct card for the newton.
We neither, but I fear it's the incorrect newer card.


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