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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 16:57:57 EST

Thank you Michael
That is a rather appealing description of the psion, shame about the display
ribbon though. I also like the form factor and that it's slim and pocket
I'll stick with the Newt though.

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I used the Newton daily at work for 5 years, taking notes und keeping up on
my appointments. Then I tried the Psion 5 and found it remarkable. In a
meeting I had come to sit next to a fellow, who was busily typing ayway and
the form-factor made me curious. The diary is in some aspects superior to
the Newtons, and the input is very fast. Also, I found the OS very well
designed and extremely stable - you just start the machine up, once, and it
just hardly ever fails. Very good battery life. Easy connectivity,
especially with the Ericsson and Siemens mobile phones I owned at that time.
By now, the email-client is outdated, though. The major drawback was the
flimsy hardware. The display ribbon wears down after a year or two of heavy
use, and as a result I have an assortment of dead Psions in my drawer.

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