Re: [NTLK] Encryption?

From: Dale Raby <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 17:57:33 EST

First, I am not an expert. That said, here is my take on your question:
There is a package called "The Fish" that uses Blowfish algorithms for
encrypting notes on the Newton/Emate OS. This won't do you any good though,
as notes encrypted with this package cannot be sent out of the Newton they
are on, save by transferring via physical media, i.e.:flash memory cards.

So far as I am aware, there is nothing like the secure copy protocol or any
other kind of public key encryption available for the Newton OS.

You can use a serial connection to communicate with your Windows machine,
for which you do not really need encryption since it is not a conventional
network and has only the two machines in it.

Once the file is transferred to the Windows machine, you should have no
problem using PGP or GnuPG if it still needs encryption.

A work-around might be to use conventional codes and/or cyphers. There are
a number of online Enigma simulators that could potentially be used for text

These kinds of things are not very secure by modern standards, however. If
you need some serious encryption, you really need a Linux/Unix machine with
controlled access and GnuPG installed... possibly Steghide as well. Newtons
were never envisioned to be secure beyond a PIN entry code.

Check back though, there are smarter people here than I am, even if they are
not as paranoid.... ahem.... cautious as I am. Somebody might know a
better way.

Dale the Paranoid

On Jan 21, 2008 3:11 PM, Steve <> wrote:

> I'm thinking about communication between my eMate and my Windoze machine.
> I think I want to encrypt any payload before I send it, thereby taking out
> a need to constantly encrypt over-the-wire.
> What kind of encryption packages/libraries exist that I could use?
> Actually I don't know what programming environment I would use, either, so
> any thoughts on that would be appreciated as well. :)
> Thanks.
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