[NTLK] suddenly I can't synch my Newton--help!!

From: James Charney <james.charney_at_yale.edu>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 10:54:50 EST

Hello--I've been away from the list for a while. But I still use my
Newton 2100 daily for all my scheduling and contacts. I've been
backing it up regularly to my old Powerbook with OS X using the
Classic mode, and even though my regular Mac laptop is now a MacBook
Pro I still use my Powerbook for backing up--I just never quite
figured out how to synch in OS X.
        There was no problem here until recently. I tried to set up
NewtSync to see how it would work, installed the app on the Newton
and changed some settings on both the Newton and my computer--but I
never got it to work. So I decided to go back to my old way of doing
it--back to Classic 9 and my Powerbook. Which I would be quite
content with--not cutting edge, but it works for me giving me the
assurance that I can always access my calendar even if there is a
problem with the Newton.
        But now I can't sync with my Powerbook either. Something has
changed that i can't figure out. When I open the Dock on the Newton,
instead of the choice I had before of Appletalk to use with my
Ethernet card, Appletalk is no longer on the list of "Connect via"
options. Now all I have are several Serial choices, Ethernet, IrDA
and TCP/IP--but no Appletalk. I have Appletalk set in Preferences to
use the Ethernet card, which is a Megahertz 589E.
        Since the only choice available now in Dock that makes sense is
Ethernet, I've tried it--but it doesn't see my Powerbook. My cable
set up is unchanged--ethernet cables through a hub to my Powerbook
running Classic with NCU open.
        Can anyone help? If I can't get this backup to work again--or
figure out how to set up Newtsync to work--then I may finally have to
give up my Newton for daily use. I really need that backup for
reaasurance since I pretty much run my office with my Newton!
        (by the way, Newtsync also says to use the Appletalk setting in
Dock--- but it's no longer there-- where did that setting go? )
        I've appreciated your help in the past--I really need you guys now...


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