Re: [NTLK] Newton Museum Torrent - Tidbits and How-to

From: Adriano <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 11:11:45 EST

Hello Morgan,

happy to know that you are intentioned on putting everything related
to the Museum's seeds on the Unna's server.

  - Tidbits:
I received the original discs of the Newton Museum from the great
Laurence. Using such discs, I had been able to realize a single disc
image of the entire collection to let people get it with a single
download. In the origins I had also built (and published) a dedicated
page for my website, from where a user could start leeching a torrent.

When I runt this project, I let a few dozen people download the disc
images during a few months, but then I simply could not continue
seeding myself cause I needed to free the broadband.
Eventually I did also update the website removing the torrent page
which was not getting visits anymore, at least at that time.

So, following is the link to the original message I did post about
the Museum Torrents. It contains the links to the torrents webpages:

  - How to:
Using the following links one can download the torrents directly from
the default browser to the default download folder.

Newton Museum's Dvd for Mac (Dmg - 4.61 GB) <>
Newton Museum's Dvd for Win & Mac (ISO - 4.32 GB) <

Double-click on the downloaded file to run the default torrent client
and start downloading the file.

  -- If you are a Mac user, and do not have a torrent client
installed, and/or just never used one before:
I would recommend BitTorrent. Here is the link to direct download it
<> You will get a ~18MB disc image. Mount it
and drag the BitTorrent app where you prefer.
Now just double click on the Museum's torrent file downloaded from
the above mentioned links. The BitTorrent appwill run and
automatically start downloading the file. That's it.

  --- BitTorrent for newbies:
'Leechers' are people who are downloading a file.

'Seeders' are people who have completed downloading a file and then
just let it stay on the same folder where it has been downloaded.
The .torrent file must follow the same rule.

Default prefs are usually set to leave seeding active for just a few
(like ten) minutes. In case a seed would have been left set to
default prefs (and so it would terminate automatically), it could
then be runt again later, just remember the above mentioned rules
about the download location.

A download will stall (presenting a yellow bar) if no seeders or
leechers are present.

A download won't start and instead will present a red bar when
the .torrent file is corrupted and/or the original seeder deleted/
modified it. You will need the download a new version of the .torrent
file to solve this problem.

If seeders and/or leechers are reported as available by your torrent
client, with neither a yellow or red bars, but download does not
start at all, good are the chances that you would need to free a
dedicated channel on the built-in Firewall. In such case, go to the
'Sharing' panel (on the 'System Preferences'), click the 'Firewall'
tab, click 'New', select 'Other', insert the port number '6881' and
the description you prefer (i.e. "BitTorrent").

If you find difficult to setup your firewall, just send me a private
message explaining the problem, and I will compile and send you a
Applescript GUI which would set things up and will also show you how
to set it correctly the next time you would need, eventually.

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22/gen/08 Morgan Aldridge wrote:

> On Jan 21, 2008 7:31 PM, Ian P. Currie <> wrote:
>> I left a torrent running while I was away for two weeks, figuring it
>> would be done on my return, from
>> Got back Sunday to find that the seed(s) had dropped out, and now
>> there
>> is just me and one other peer with 3.86 GB of the file. I hate to
>> start over on a new torrent... if the seed from torrentbox is on the
>> list, could I please ask you to seed again for a day or so?
> If you do manage to get this completed, please let me know. I'll
> gladly post it to the tracker and host a primary seed along
> with the & seeds. I have the Newton DVD.dmg
> kicking around somewhere that I'll start seeding at that time as well.
> Any other Newton-related torrents that you all would like to see?
> Morgan Aldridge
> ---

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