[NTLK] thanks--it worked!!

From: James Charney <james.charney_at_yale.edu>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 21:28:15 EST

Thanks for the answers to my dilemma with my Newton no longer able to
synch. The Appletalk choice had gone missing from the Dock app. I
first froze the TCP/IP extension and that only removed TCP from the
choices but didn't bring Appletalk back. But when I froze the
Ethernet Dock extension, then Appletalk came back and I was able to
sync again. (I froze these instead of removing them because if it
didn't work and it turned out I needed these extensions, I had no way
to get them back. By the way--do I need them for anything--i don't
remember how or why I installed them but I think it was in
conjunction with trying out ways of syncing using OS X instead of
Thanks again for your prompt help--it's great to know you guys are
out there (i don't know anyone in my town who has a Newton......)

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