[NTLK] synching with Os X?

From: James Charney <james.charney_at_yale.edu>
Date: Thu Jan 24 2008 - 10:53:58 EST

Hi--Thanks for help re-activating my ability to connect my Newton in
Classic mode.
I realize that the reason I got into trouble is I was experimenting
with trying to connect my Newton in OS X and had made the changes for
the NCX app. which I couldn't get to work for me.
I have NCX and also NewtonSync on my MacBook, but I've never been
able to get either one to work properly. I would like to reliably
back up my Newton and also Export my Dates and Names.
        I've been away from this list for a while. Which program do most
people use now to Synch their Newtons using OSX?
         Is there a good FAQ page or a detailed walk-through of how to set
up that program? I have a working ethernet card and hub, which I am
currently using to synch my Newton using Classic.
         But I would love to move forward into OSX.

James Charney

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