Re: [NTLK] How do I keep a password protected journal?

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 2008 - 09:21:07 EST

~~~ On 2008/01/25 10:19, Dale Raby at wrote ~~~

> Keep secrets, well, secret.

Dale's right. It's all down to basic principles.

Now that you've got the information about the Fish that you need, your next
step is to convince us all that you've decided not to bother putting the
journal on your Newton after all.

Seriously, one of the best pieces of advice he gave is to keep it on a
separate card, even though you should still encrypt it. And if you label
the card, call it something dull like "children's school reports" or "my
annual physicals summaries" or anything else that couldn't possibly interest

And of course, you aren't going to do that either, right? ;)


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