Re: [NTLK] Smallest Portable Printer?

From: Andrew Smallshaw <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 2008 - 16:44:49 EST

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 10:39:39AM -0500, Steve wrote:
> I was wondering what the smallest, lightest, most-portable printer would
> be that works with an eMate via infrared. My idea is to have my eMate on
> the desk at a meeting, and if some notes come up, I can pull the printer
> out of the bag and spit out 1-2 copies and then stuff it back in the bag.

ISTR the original Pentax PocketJet is supported via the print pack,
although I believe that was via cable rather than the IRDA supported
by some versions of the printer. I don't know if it can be made
to work via IRDA.

It's difficult to imagine a smaller A4/US letter printer than the
pocketjet but there are trade offs due to its size - it uses single
sheet feed and the paper is both difficult to get hold of and
expensive, and since it is a specialist paper you need to take it
with you. I haven't used mine much recently, and never with the
Newt, but where quality wasn't overly important I tended to run
mine on thermal fax roll instead.

Ultimately, I found the Deskjet 340 much more practical even if it
is an order of magnitude greater in size - and that most definitely
is supported by the Newt.

For ultra portable printing, though, the solution is simple - don't
take a printer with you. Just carry a fax modem with you and bank
on the fact that there is probably a fax machine you can patch into
whereever you are going to want to print. Works well enough for
me most of the time.

Andrew Smallshaw
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