Re: [NTLK] Flash memory for eMate

From: Christopher Sarsfield <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 2008 - 17:24:21 EST

Thank you for replying Mr. Hung. I really need more than 4 MB (I am
putting some MP3s on the disk for my children latin language tracks
to help with their pronunciation). I found another 16 MB card for a
cisco 7000. This one is actually made by intel and is supposed to
work in an emate (part number iMC016FLSP). When I put it in the emate
it tells me the card:
"Writing to this type of card is unsupported. This unformatted card
cannot be used."

I take it that this card is 5 volt reading but 12 volt writing, and
that is why it can not write to it. This card is supposed to be write
3, 5, 12 volt. I take it there is no switch on the card or formatting
that would make it write only in 12 volt that I could fix. Maybe I
will just have to break down and buy a newton that supports 12 volt
writing. I really do not need the emate to write to it (accept to
transfer the files from the computer on to it). I only need the
emates to read the files once they are on. Will all newtons with
version 2 (ie 120, 130) write to a 12 volt card. Thanks for help.

God bless,


On Jan 19, 2008, at 9:01 PM, Sonny Hung wrote:
Hi Christopher,

I've been into Newtons for a few years now.
I've got a Flickr account with many Newton Photos uploaded.
Up there I have a few photos regarding PCMCIA Flash Cards.
Of the ones I've used there are only a few that are Read & Write
Compatible with the eMate.
eMates require a 5v/5v Read & Write Voltage.
They are available but tough to find.
The price at times are very pricey.
The easiest option in my mind is to get a PCMCIA to CF Adapter and
then purchase a few cheap CF Cards unless you have a few already on
The ATA Driver allows the use of up to 4MB for free still as provided
by Paul.
I'm not sure if he is providing a free version of it or not yet but
4MB is enough for most users.
If you have anyother questions ask me or the list as others can chime
in :D

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family 
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