Re: [NTLK] Using NCX?

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 13:54:47 EST

The first step is connecting whether you are using NCX or anything.
Is your Newton ethernet ready? If not you will need to get necessary
files installed and acquire a compatible ethernet card for the 2100.
Is your Macbook able to use serial through a compatible serial/USB
adapter? If so then you can use NCX on the mac and Dock > serial on
the newton.

What is your current starting point?


On Jan 27, 2008, at 12:17 PM, James Charney wrote:

> Hi--Can someone point me toward a detailed walk-through for setting
> up NCX for use with my 2100 and my MacBook still using Tiger? The
> instructions that come with the NCX app are rather bare bones--and it
> didn't work the first time I tried to get it going.....
> I've been away from the list for a while so if there have been
> discussions of this, I've missed them.
> thanks,
> James

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