[NTLK] Problems running Letter Express app. on MP 2X00

From: <mkow1234_at_aol.com>
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 21:47:10 EST

Helo Newtonfolk:
I was revisiting some of the interesting wirting apps made for the Newton, and I am encountering a problem.
I was able to successfuly install and unlock a copy of Letter Express (an old app made by MagicPen).

However, when I attempt to open the app, the "splash screen" appears for a moment, and then a message box appears, stating that an -48406 error has occurred. Given that the splash screen only takes up about half of the MP 2X00's screen real estate, I am thinking that the app was originally designed for one of the earlier, smaller Newton models.

Does anybody know how to deal with such errors? What about my hypothesis that the app only may run on Newton MP 100-130 models?? Can anybody help me figure this out? Letter Express looks to be a very interesting and useful app -- if only I can get it to work properly. Thank you.

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan USA

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