Re: [NTLK] wget? Ping? Etc?

From: Dale Raby <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 20:04:52 EST

> Is there a "wget" equivalent, a "ping" tool, or any other set of internet
> tools I can use to try out stuff?
None of those are available for the Newton OS so far as I am aware. If you
have a Windows box, you can install something called Cygwin, which is a sort
of Linux/Unix emulation that runs under Windows. Cygwin will give you those
tools and more. If you plug it into the same port, you should have a pretty
good shot at getting similar connectivity.
I've noticed that my connection seems slow with the Newton MP 2100 as well,
especially on sites with lots of graphics. It probably isn't the
connection, though.

Remember that the eMate has a slower processor speed than the MP 2100, and
by modern standards, even that is pretty slow. You might be able to improve
performance by installing the memory module upgrade, but don't expect
blistering speed with a machine this antiquated, no matter how cool it is.
Think of it as an improvement over the quintessential development of the
Intel 386 processor... which really isn't saying much when compared to the
latest generation.

My final suggestion is to wait for others to comment as most, if not all of
them are both smarter and more experienced than I am. Good luck.


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