[NTLK] Newton Torrents

From: Simon Stapleton <simon.stapleton_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 03:08:13 EST

Hi Matt

I see your torrent running, and I'm guessing anyone else on the
torrentbox torrent does too, as my client is uploading as well as
downloading. Please stay there until there's a couple of seeds :)

Once I have 100%, I'll leave mine seeding for as long as my client is
running, but as US clients can't connect to torrentbox it might be
worth moving over to another tracker. There is a website that
purports to allow editing of .torrent files to add new trackers
without blowing away anyone downloading from the existing torrent,
but I havent tried it. http://www.torrenteditor.com, IIRC.


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