[NTLK] FrogPad [was: No New Newt, epaper witn pen]

From: Neal Sofge <sofge_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 09:59:37 EST

> I believe the most accurate explanation for its abandonment would
> be my inability to type proficiently upon it even after attempting
> to use it for several months.

That's interesting, considering their marketing claims. Can you give
us more detail on what went wrong for you?

Back in 2002 I met the guy who invented the Half Keyboard at MacWorld
NY. At the time it was being marketed as a PDA solution, even
offering a version with wrist straps. (I take it the Frog has a
similar wrist-mountable mod, but it's aftermarket.)

Interestingly, he said the original development platform was a
Newton, and that the unit he showed me used the Newton keyboard spec
with a Palm conversion in the plug. I asked whether that meant that
a knowledgeable hardware hacker could just slice off the Palm plug
and replace it with a Newton serial cable and he said yes, that
should be straightforward. The only reason they didn't do a Newton
version is that the platform had been Steved four years earlier and
they were afraid the user base would be too small.

I mention this because we've got many good hardware hackers on-list,
and now that Matias has changed the Half Keyboard target market to
conventional computers there must be cheap older Palm-compatible
models floating around...

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