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Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 16:42:24 EDT

Thanks for the suggestion.  Good writers can say things in a few sentences what it takes others almost a book to write.  My concept is to get away from pedantic categories and keep it simple, with beginners learning about how to connect and use their Newton.  All the essentials that everyone has to know, summarized in a couple pages worth of text, with relevant links to software as appropriate (i.e. NCU).  So instead of breaking connectivity and others into different categories or sections, they should all be together.  Just looking at this from the users perspective and anticipating what they want. 

If someone wants to get more in depth, they can use the knowledgebase search to find exactly, specifically, what they are looking for in relation to the support articles, rather than having to tread through pages of text and questions that are not what they are after.

Anyway, this is my concept.  Simple up front, with a searchable knowledgebase, sans categories and FAQs.

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Label them by subject, so it's easier to figure out - in many things I
am still a _RANK_ "beginner," in some others, "past
1- "Unconnected" Use
    A- Using Programs
    B- Storage and Power Issues

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