Re: [NTLK] Screen anomaly

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 14:22:10 EDT

Hi all,

since this thread has been discussed a lot already, here's what I
think should be conveyed to iron out some misunderstandings.

The MP2x00 display unit consists of 3 things (from top to bottom)

1) Touchscreen unit with metal frame

The touchscreen unit consists of a foil (top), a thin glass pane
(bottom) and a metal frame around them.
Those three can't be separated.

2) LCD display unit

The LCD display unit consists of the actual LCD and a thin electronics
Those two can't be separated.

3) Backlight foil

The backlight foil consists of nothing but the backlight foil. It
spends its life stuck between
the LCD and the thin electronic board, and you can replace it

In a nutshell: Separately replaced can be the backlight foil, the
touchscreen unit and the LCD unit.

The LCD display unit, along with the backlight, is held in place by
the metal frame of the touchscreen unit.
You can remove the LCD display unit by bending a couple of tabs in the
metal frame, not unlike what is
outlined here for the MP130:

So it isn't really that difficult to have a close look at what's going
on in your Newton:

1) Take the Newton apart

2) Remove the touchscreen unit from the LCD unit

3) Check

I have never had a 2x00 touchscreen where parts of the foil were no
longer attached to the glass
pane. This does not mean this can't happen, it only means that I've
never seen it. But I consider
it much more likely that there's a screen protector installed. These
things can be a pain to
get out without disassembling the Newton, such a pain that sometimes
people aren't even aware
that there is one installed.


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