[NTLK] iPhone 2.2 Copy/Paste

From: Adam Ladds <aladds_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 - 11:11:14 EDT

Sound familiar?

> It's possible that Apple is taking so long to implement copy and
> paste not because it is difficult, but because Apple is reinventing
> it. Imagine a system-wide menu added to all applications which,
> instead of shuffling items off to a clipboard, lists all the places
> you can send that file (or text string). This would be like the
> existing "Open with" option available in the Mac's right-click menu
> -- each application effectively reports to the OS exactly what kind
> of files it can handle and the OS remembers this. Thus a picture
> could be sent to not only the Photo app, but to any other photo
> program. Text could be sent directly to any open dialog box in, say,
> Safari.




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