[NTLK] Dvorak on emate?

From: Susanna <sus_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Sep 29 2008 - 23:23:07 EDT


I'm trying to figure out how to type on my emate using the dvorak
keyboard layout.

I've tried two things but I can't get either to work:

1) A package called "Dvorak" from tow.com
I can't find where you change the keyboard setting to dvorak (Or is
it supposed to change the layout to dvorak just by installing it)?

2)A package called Keyman.
When I bring up the onscreen Keyman keyboard, there's a pull-down
option to "use Dvorak keyboard." The onscreen keyboard changes to
Dvorak, but the physical keyboard still types in Qwerty.

If anyone knows a way I can type in Dvorak (or even knows if it is
possible) I'd appreciate your sharing your knowledge or suggestions.


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