[NTLK] GPS Pharos iGPS-CF works with TeleTypeGPS

From: Stephen Rudy <srudy_at_cudc.org>
Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 16:42:49 EDT

I took me quite a while to get functional GPS on my MessagePad2100 so I thought I would share my settings for the next user.
I saw a few inquiries in the archives about a Pharos CF GPS units that never really got answered and also there is a dead-end thread about a desire to get the slots working in TeleTypeGPS. I just thought I would add some detailed information about what and how I got it working on my MessagePad 2100.
I used the incredible "zTeletypeHack" to get slot0 set as the "serial" interface. I used the Slot0 hack and put the card in the LOWER or RIGHT slot.
I used a Pharos Compact Flash GPS receiver. Model No: iGPS-CF
I used a PCMCIA Compact Flash Card Type II adapter. Model number: CA-122
I used "TeleTypeGPS Version 2.0.9"
I used the MONITOR view to see the stream from the device. There were a lot of zeros in the strings until I went outside. After about 1 minute, the stream included actual lat-long data.
I switched to the other modes and confirmed everything was working great!

I uploaded the local (Colorado) highway and town map packages and they worked great too.

I got TeleTypeGPS and the maps from the UNNa.org site and the zTeletype hack package came from the Stillnewt.org web site.

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