Re: [NTLK] News on my trusty ol' OMP

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Thu Apr 02 2009 - 08:45:09 EDT

--Responses in message...

From: Frank Gruendel

1) There is a reflective backing foil glued to the
back side of the LCD. >Snip< The result would be much better if it was
possible to remove the glue without endangering the LCD.

-- Is a sticky remover like "Goo Gone" a possibility?

2) A backlight foil needs an inverter that
generates about 100 Volt AC voltage required to
drive it. That's the black thingie with the white
sticker below the 9 Volt battery that you see

There is no room to put this thing INTO the Newton... >Snip<

--Have you tried taking the guts out of that white casing and seeing how
much room it all takes at that point?

5) You can do terrible things to a prototype. But
if you do not want to endanger your Newton or its
users, you wouldn't get around using a custom-made
backlight. Usually the AC voltage contacts are
located at one of the backlight's edges. This,
unfortunately, is where the metal digitizer frame
In my "prototype", which I'd rather call a

--Prototype ... PROof-of-concepT-TYPE... almost works.
                --- - ----

        Missing an "O" in there though.
      How about PROve-The-cOncept-TYPE? ;)
                --- - - ----

>snip< don't throw your broken MP130 / 2x00 / eMate LCD
away yet. Maybe one day it'll enlighten your OMP
or MP100...

--Sounds good Frank!

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