[NTLK] MP120 v2.0 has a 2009 Bug

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Mon Apr 13 2009 - 19:17:00 EDT

Just a heads up to everyone...

My Hiking Newton appears to be suffering from a Y2010 (Y2009) bug. I will
probably have to get around it by setting the year to something earlier
than 2009 and living with it. I don't use any date sensitive apps on this
Newton, I use it strictly for GPS and eBooks.

Here are the symptoms...

Newton MessagePad 120 v2.0 (515264)

Continual restarts. Boots, loads internal apps and extensions, pauses about
a full minute and then restarts. Repeat... Repeat... Repeat...

This is the first time I've booted my MP120 v2.0 this year. It worked fine
when I used it for Geocaching, last year.

To fix...

I removed all batteries (including the CR2032 Backup Battery). Pressed
Reset Button for 30 seconds. Allowed to sit without batteries for 30
minutes. Date was defaulted to Wednesday, November 1, 1995, 2:00 pm .
Everything (but the date/time) was back to normal.

I then changed date/time to current. A very long pause after setting the
date/time and same symptoms begin to repeat. The repeating reboot again.

I'm going to do a complete brain wipe later this or next week. My MP120 has
been in service for close to five years without a good, clean, brain
wiping, anyhow.

I 'll keep everyone posted,


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