[NTLK] Newbie - Please Frogive the Ineptitude

From: Stefan Thorsteinson <Stefan_at_TeamAircom.com>
Date: Thu Apr 16 2009 - 09:27:50 EDT


If understand the gist, this should be showing up as new topic (thread) and
all on the list will likely receive this message.

My name is Stefan and I've been a Newton 2100 user for the last 12 years. I
just haven't been able to shake the habit. It must be like heroin. I like
it! :)

I'm not terribly software proficient and usually know enough to be
dangerous. I'm more the hardware and scrounger type. It was shortly after my
2000 was upgraded to a 2100 that I went hunting the net for just about
anything Newton related I could find. (The same time I found out the Newton
was being killed) I look forward to being here and learning more as I go. If
I have anything in my archive of packages, software or literature that may
be of use to anyone, I'm more than willing to share. Though, by the looks of
some of the people I'm in the company of here, I may not have much more than
is already available.

I really appreciate your time and all the info I'm able to glean.

Stefan Thorsteinson
Western Canada

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