[NTLK] MP130 keeps bringing up diagnostics on startup

From: Russ Bravo <russbravo_at_lineone.net>
Date: Sat Apr 18 2009 - 08:25:39 EDT

Hi all

Wondered if anyone had encountered this before. Picked up an MP130
recently - first time I started it (via AC adapter) it started up
fine to the Welcome screen etc. Then disconnected the AC adapter,
noting that I needed to put a new backup battery in, and tried it
with batteries. No joy at all. Not a flicker.

Now, whenever I try to start it via the AC adapter it immediately
goes to a suite of Diagnostic tools - it will cycle through those OK
as I tap where instructed, until I get to one where you're asked to
'Draw a cross', and it then seems to freeze. Whatever I try it won't
go back to the standard Newton Extras background etc, despite trying
the reset button and various combinations via the Power slider.

Any ideas, anyone? Could be a job for the Gruendelmeister :)

Russ, UK

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