Re: [NTLK] On Woody Smith...Hello:...I was just looking back ...

From: Andre Lipinski <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 17:29:31 EDT


On 20-Apr-09, at 4:50 PM, M. Horvat wrote:

> I love your NS Basic Terminal. I don't use it much because I only
> have the demo version of NS Basic (A hundred dollars? What were
> they thinking? If only you could get it without that 2.x-only
> NewtCard... oh well, even if you could, they'd probably send you a
> 2.x-only version of NS Basic) but it's a great program.

Ouch. George is a swell guy--gave me some helpful advice back when
Newton was fresh and new and I was just learning what it was to be an
Entrepreneur/Software Developer. He's an early adopter that has
contributed MUCH to the Newton community. I'm sure if approached he
would accommodate your requests as time permits!


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