Re: [NTLK] Safari Pad - Apple's Tablet Computer

From: Marcus Bointon <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 05:15:30 EDT

On 21 Apr 2009, at 09:32, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> I just don't understand why pretty much every computer maker, even
> Apple, aren't jumping on what I predict to be a coming of the
> resurgence of pen computing: where processors, designs, materials,
> batteries, screens and software have finally come far enough that a
> slate/tablet computer can truly be a no compromise device. That the
> keyboard and mouse will finally be married to the screen: a total
> convergence, and we can drop the whole era of using pseudo-
> typewriters.

So long as it has support for bluetooth keyboards (unlike the iPhone),
I don't mind if it has an on-screen keyboard. Onscreen keyboards are
too painful for any more than typing URLs, SMS and twitter.


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