Re: [NTLK] Safari Pad - Apple's Tablet Computer

From: John Broughton <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 13:50:26 EDT

Like many here, I've tried various forms of computing to replace my stable of aging Newtons and none have been able to replicate the Newton experience. At present I'm using a MSI Wind for it's portability, running both Leopard and XP, and its ability to do everything I need a portable to do. It's light, runs all my internet apps well, and it's cheap. The new crop of touchscreened netbooks from HP and Gigabyte are a step in the right direction. Given that, I would welcome and probably buy a tablet form factor system from Apple that was small and light enough to really be carried everyday yet powerful enough to do real computing tasks. Pen input is a necessity in any such system for it to be successful. Finger input is best suited for cursor and applicaiton control but nothing would beat pen input for on the road data use. And of course, it would need some method of using a real keyboard. Say a tablet with bluetooth that would allow the use of the existing
 Apple bluetooth keyboard and Mighty Mouse.
As for a good stylus for the iPhone, I've been using the Pogo sytlus for six months and it works well with the iPhone.



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