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Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 16:18:26 EDT

And to add to this list (albiet in a somewhat humourous, yet serious manner)
5. It will have draconian licensing that will restrict the user in ways nobody else has ever though of.
6. It will have yet another weird USB interface connector made of the rare compound now known as "Unobtanium", of which Apple seems to have an unlimited supply of.
7. It will be 2 to 3 times the price of anything else on the market, but that's OK because it will be cool to be seen with one.
8. It will introduce another aspect of technology that people didn't know they couldn't live without.
9. It will start the "me too" parade all over again and the market will be flooded with cheap chinese knock-offs with the Mac zealots loudly protesting that "it's not the same thing" with chants of "you just don't understand" in heated interactions of the Mac faithful with "the rest of the world".
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On 21-Apr-09, at 4:32 AM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> Steve Jobs and his stubbornness when it comes to pen computing... 
> that is, there is no way a slate/tablet computer will be as useful 
> without a digitizer and stylus.  If Steve's stubbornness wins out, 
> then pen computing is unlikely, and we will be likely stuck with a 
> hybrid tablet (a keyboard/screen combo).  Or, while very unlikely, 
> we could also be stuck with a giant iPhone with only finger input 
> (sigh).

I've been watching Apple closely since Steve's return, and fondly 
since long before that and I've learned a few things that will help 
you predict what Apple will do:

1 - Apple ALWAYS will do what it takes to control its own future: 
it's why it is secretive; why iTunes & the App store are Apple 
properties; why it bought eMagic; produced Final Cut, Shake & etc; 
why it has bought-up a number of smaller companies to bring highly 
specialised & valuable teams in-house--a kind of "indentured 
expertise"; why it has an internal team maintaining gcc even though 
the community is maintaining it externally; why it prefers to "roll-
its-own" everything so it relies on no one individual. This is first 
and foremost.

2 - Apple will not stick it's neck out for a new product unless it 
has GREAT certainty that it's got a mainstream winner: that's why it 
was slow with things like AppleTV, the MacbookAir, the iPod, iPhone 
and even iTunes. (iTunes was a special case because Apple really 
missed the boat on CD-Ripping then had to respond that while being 
true to itself: by creating a very carefully crafted response in the 
form of an Apple transmogrified and greatly improved/polished version 
of Casady & Greene's SoundJam.) Steve is no magician and he's not 
deluded--he's smart enough to surround himself with experts and 
excellent market information--and interpret it sensibly and respond 
only appropriately.

3 - Apple has NO nostalgia whatsoever for it's past: that's why 
there's no 30th anniversary Mac or celebration; no Apple II emulator 
for Intel Macs; why (in small part) the Apple IIgs emulator for 
PowerMacs was never released despite the "Apple II forever" 
campaigning back in the late 80's; why there's been no "Newton" 

4 - Apple will make only truly GREAT products by its estimation and 
their user's. This is part of number 2 above, but with a twist. Apple 
could have continued to make cheap & cheerful snap-together beige 
boxes, put the iPod in done-before lexan plastic cases, and added a 
mind-numbing mechanical keyboard to the iPhone. It's why it won't 
make something cut-down or limited or even plain looking. Because 
those things go against the nature of a VERY highly creative body of 
people. Instead of those things it produces products that are a 
delight to look at, a seductive pleasure to touch, and a real treat 
to look at and use. In other words, things that are new and have 
never been done before. (If you know highly creative people, then you 
know that same-old-same-old is a recipe for revolt.)

Understanding these three things you can predict Apple's next great 

1 - It won't be brain-damaged as Steve has said so many times before. 
It'll be full-featured--possibly with full Mac OS X running on some 
sufficiently fast CPU--it will not be a cut-down Mac or bloated iPod.

2 - It will not compromise for the state of current technology--Apple 
will invent whatever technology is necessary--if that means a 
digitiser that allows finger-tip input as well as high-resolution 
stylus input (and only if that's what it thinks the product needs to 
be great)--then we'll see it, and Apple will wait for it if 
necessary. Expect multi-touch to be more advanced than reported to 
date when Apple launches their tablet.

3 - It will do what the customer's want and will do it with a cachet 
that only Apple can create. Apple will study their customer's needs 
and responses to prototypes very carefully. They will likely be more 
conservative than brave when launching a new product, willing to get 
small things wrong while being able to put them right quickly. (The 
App store needing a bit of adjustment after launched, and it was done 
real fast.) If the tablet doesn't have HWR off the bat, expect it to 
have it ASAP if customers demand it.

4 - It won't be deliberately Newton like in any way unless that 
happens to be the best way for the technology and the market at this 


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