Re: [NTLK] Thanks to all you Newtoneers!

From: Dennis B. Swaney <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 22:18:24 EDT

Matt Howe wrote:
> Boy am I spoiled. I have been on this group for many years. Lately I thought
> I would branch out and try some different things. I got a G3 Mac Molar and
> moved it into an old IBM case and connected it to my KVM switch. Along the
> way I had various questions about Mac stuff so I joined some Mac groups. Not
> one of my questions was ever acknowledged, let alone answered. I picked up a
> Nokia Internet Tablet. I thought I would take a hand at programming one of
> those. I even busted out and old PC and installed Ubuntu as a development
> platform. The Nokia use scratchbox on top of Linux for development. Well all
> of my questions there have gone unanswered except one guy, who answered one
> time with an answer that didn't work.

What questions do you have regarding Mac OS and which OS? Since you say
it is a G3, then your options are Mac OS 9 through 10.3.9, IIRC. Also,
what Mac G3 model did you get the logic board from, iMac, Blue and
White, or Beige?

Did you go to ?

Dennis B. Swaney
"Windows is a command-line OS with a GUI shell while Mac System 10 is 
... oh, never mind."
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