Re: [NTLK] Max size note to send as GIF with mailV

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Thu Apr 23 2009 - 00:07:00 EDT

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 1:24 pm Andy Hill wrote:

> Couple of questions:
> 1) Is there a way to tell what size
> in an individual note is? (I'm sure
> the answer will be obvious).


Remembering that the Newton displays information, consistently, like a
note. Each note (or To-do item) has an icon in the upper left corner. This
Icon is like a "Get Info" button. Tap it and see what you can see.

> 2) Is there a size limit to notes that
> can be sent at GIFs using Mailv?

I don't think I've run into any limits on what Mail V can send and/or
receive, size wise. However, individual notes have a limit. 16K if I
recall. There is a way to break past that limit, but that may not be
realistic, stable or practical.

> I'm having some trouble sending more
> detailed ones and they are coming
> out cleanly for about 1/3 opr 1/2 or
> their length only. The remainder is
> bunched up fuzzy lines.

This 16K limit may also include the size of any graphics in the note, as
well. You could try the BigNotes extension to see if it helps.


Good luck...


P.S. Utilities is (correctly) mis-spelled in the above link... uh?

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