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From: John Broughton <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 2009 - 02:04:03 EDT

Apple Computer has sold 2 million shares
in ARM Holdings, a U.K. designer of
microprocessors and related software, for 36 million pounds ($59 million),
cutting its stake to 7.2 million shares. The shares represent 4.11 percent
of ARM. Apple still holds 14.8 percent of ARM, worth 131 million pounds
($215 million) at market close. ARM began operations in November 1990 as a
venture between Apple and the U.K.'s Acorn Computers.
The above from CNET dated Feb 3, 1999, or almost a year after the closure of the Newton project was announced by then CFO Fred Anderson. That means that Apple did not realize any profit from it's investment in ARM until a year after the Newton project/product line was closed. (See for conformation.)

The truth of the matter is that the Newton operation was bleeding red ink and due to dire financial problems, Apple could not afford to keep on funding a loosing product line. If the Newton had been a hit and a big profit center, Mr. Jobs would have loved it.



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