[NTLK] nBlog error message and frustration

From: Scott Hoffman <hoffo_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 16:02:00 EDT

Greetings list,
     I am having some difficulties with nBlog - I've been trying to post to my blog but keep getting this error:

"Newton Internet Enabler
The following exception occurred in event (ReceiveFailure) of state
(SendXMLRPCRequest) of finite state machine (ThumbFSM): {<1>
data: {<2>errorCode: -48205,
value: [<3>+207828981},index:

     Has anyone encountered such a message? I am able to send and receive email and get onto the internet wirelessly, leading me to believe it's just an issue with nBlog or my setup thereof.
     Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

*Oh-and-by-the-way: Once I get this error message, it seems to "lock up" my wireless card... e.g. the light stays on. I've got a Lucent WaveLan Gold card.

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