Re: [NTLK] Troll - Was: Interest in Newton 110?

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Mon Apr 27 2009 - 02:00:55 EDT


--- On Sun, 4/26/09, William Pociengel <> wrote:

> M. Horvat wrote:
> > You know what, if today's active Newton
> programmers weren't so lazy it would be possible

>> <yawn> and if you weren't so lazy you'd learn
>> how to write code.
>> Sorry but I'm not fishing today. go troll elsewhere.

I honestly don't believe the comment was meant to be a troll. I think it was, instead, a youthful misunderestimation* of how much spare time the
typical adult has.

When you're young, it seems like there's all the time in the world
to do whatever you want. An impression that, alas, diminishes with time
as you get older and your responsibilites increase. As for myself, I'd
love nothing better than to bebop around with my Newton gear all day long,
but there are extended periods where I can't even hope to skip-read the list. Such is the price of adulthood.

The old saw "Nothing is impossible to a man who doesn't have to do it himself," springs to mind here. And anyone who has ever worked with lazy people knows that nothing impresses the lazy more....than a burst of industriousness on your own part.

I, for one, look forward to being impressed. :)


James Fraser

*Sorry, but I love that damn word.

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