[NTLK] 10.5 and Dates Syncing

From: William Ross <ntlk_at_paxswill.com>
Date: Tue Apr 28 2009 - 23:57:08 EDT

I've recently been tinkering with my 2100 again, and I'm running into
difficulties syncing my calendars. I've tried using both nSync and
NCX, but the option for syncing is grayed out in NCX, and nSync won't
properly read my iCal calendars. I have no trouble installing packages
through NCX, and I can sync Names and time through nSync. It's just my
calendars that I'm having trouble with.
MacBook Pro running 10.5.6
2100 with a WaveLAN Silver upped to Gold
Default OS X personal info apps

Thanks, Will

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