[NTLK] emate battery rebuilding in toronto available

From: <mimi.cipollone_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri Aug 07 2009 - 17:03:14 EDT

dear group

have been out of touch-- spouse in bad car accident, still recovering


 i'm getting a lot of emate batteries rebuilt for 23 cdn plus tax

might be a bit more as i asked him to check higher mah


if anyone wants to piggyback on my good price, chime in


and i'll be selling some hinge repaired new battery emates to cover my costs

prefer green people, but maybe i'll go on ebay if i need to...checking prices. make me an offer and i'll pick out a good one


want to get a set of 30 going for schoolkids


i'm getting very excited about this, grade 5s are the perfect age

AND i have a charging cart!!

actually 3

AND some probes too



what's up with 2010, i think we'll call it 1996 until i hear!!!


mimi n toronto

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