Re: [NTLK] NetHopper Plugin Issue

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Aug 08 2009 - 23:53:21 EDT

Heap is limited on the 2000.
A little bit is used by every installed package and extension. It is also where applications run and hold temperary data while procrssing.
Try freezing applications and extensions that you are'nt using.
System resets sometimes happen when not enough memory is available, other times you may get a warning.
As I recall Nethopper and related extensions work best if installed on same storage device.

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I'm using a 2000

I had to do a Hard Reset and had to erase my memory card, I reinstalled NetHopper with the Plug-Ins and it worked fine until I had to press the reset button because the Newton froze while docked to my PC and then the error message about the plugins popped up.

'An error occurred activating the package "ZHPatch:DPR". It may not

work with this system.

Contact the software publisher for for further information (Part 0, Type auto)'

I can't get onto but before the soft reset I could get on.

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