[NTLK] OT FS: PowerBook 3400c/240

From: Joe Anthenat <newtonlist_at_mailworks.org>
Date: Mon Aug 10 2009 - 15:43:45 EDT

Hey all... I thought I'd offer this here first, just because, well,
some of us like to collect old stuff. There, I said it. ;^)

I have available an excellent PowerBook 3400c/240. This thing is in
like new condition, with minimal signs of use. Primo condition! Works
like a charm. I can get pictures if desired. Here is a link to the
specs, and following are the details of what I have available...


PowerBook 3400c/240
Processor: PowerPC 603e @ 240MHz
RAM: 144MB (Techworks upgrade)
Drive: 3GB
Original Floppy Module
Original power adapter
Original battery

Original accessories box:
Original System CD & Disk Tools Floppy
Modem/Ethernet breakout cable
Ethernet cable, Modem cable
Manual and documentation
Claris Organizer License

12x CD ROM Module (in box)
Business Card Holder Module
2x Apple video to VGA adapters
Belkin HDI SCSI Adapter
1 spare Li-ion battery in original box (unopened)
1 spare Li-ion battery in original plastic bag (unopened)
Apple ADB Mouse (platinum)
Global Village TelePort Platinum external fax/modem

Original Apple Rainbow Stickers!

Asking $150 + Shipping from zip 60552.

  Joe Anthenat
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