Re: [NTLK] Ooops... The Y2010 Patch Remover killed my Newton's Wifi

From: RAParker <>
Date: Mon Aug 10 2009 - 22:04:04 EDT

On Aug 10, 2009, at 8:02 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
> What hacked version of Hiroshi's
> WaveLAN driver are you using
> There's really no need to hack it
> as the registration-free version is
> included with the source:
> <>

The "hacked" version 1.08a appeared briefly on the list, several months before Hiroshi officially released a final Open Source version, himself. It has one distinct advantage over the official release v1.08b. It auto-detects when an application desires to connect to the internet and then does it, no questions asked. Don't ask me why or how this version is different, but it is.

When Hiroshi released his v1.08b, I installed it right away... to go legit. But then, my Newton lost the ability to connect to the Internet, using the Schedule feature in Mail V. Additionally, Newts Cape wouldn't auto-connect either and I would see error -61010 (or something like that) all the time. When Mail V or Newts Cape wanted to connect, my Newton would bring up a "Connect?" dialog box, asking me to tap "Connect" or, most of the time, it would simply generate the error -61010.

The hacked version somehow bypasses the connect dialog and just goes for it. When I entered a web address into Newts Cape and hit load, my Wifi would just light up, with no "Connect?" dialog. This hacked version also allowed me to schedule Mail V to download my emails just before I woke up... no interaction needed from me at all. It connected, dowloaded my emails, and then it disconnected.

I did try to make the (official release version) work but I eventually fell back to the hacked version because it just worked better. Forgive me Hiroshi, but I figured support for the WaveLAN driver was about as non-existent as being able to register it.


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