Re: [NTLK] MP 2000 prototype: any offers?

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 08:28:00 EDT

~~~ On 2009/08/12 13:03, Valerio Paris Mitritsakis at
wrote ~~~

> I think that's what I meant by "Contribute" :p. To give an amount of money
> within my capabilities which added to contributions by others could reach a
> sum that can cover the cost of buying this prototype. A price that would be,
> by a consensus among this list, an acceptable one...

Yes -- sorry I sounded so serious, Valerio. I was writing with one eye on
Phil Muller's humourous remark. The thought of how much this thing could be
worth boggles my mind.


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(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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