Re: [NTLK] pretec 32 meg card dies mysteriously--film at 11!

From: sstrungis <>
Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 11:53:00 EDT

Good Morning Everyone,

So yesterday I try an install a newly made Newt Book on my 2000U. It
gets to the end of the instal and the Newt locks up. After a soft
reset the OS errors with the "card not recognized" dialog. I don't
have my newt handy so I can't quote it.

I have tried different slots on the newt as well as popping the card
into my PowerBook Lombard with no success. Without this storage I
will lose a LOT of space on my newt for books. I can't even seem to
be able to reformat it.

I have also tried inserting the card with the prefs slip open as well
as starting the newt with "extensions off" (holding the stylus on the

I also backed up to my color classic and did a brainwipe. The card
still is not recognized.

There's really nothing on the card that I don't already have backed
up, but I need the space for books. The 2000U's RAM barely holds one
novel. That's not enough for me.

Any thoughts?
Scott Strungis

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