[NTLK] Nokia Cardphone 2.0 and headset compatibility

From: Tony Kan <tonykan_at_xtra.co.nz>
Date: Sun Aug 16 2009 - 00:03:38 EDT

Hi Folks
A while ago Marcus Hammerschmitt successfully got a Nokia Cardphone to work on
his Newton and then Peter Hoffman confirmed that it was possible to do SMS on it
as well.

The Nokia Cardphone guide says that it works with a Nokia HDC-6D headset. I see
that it looks like a bog standard mono-aural earbud with a 2.5mm universal
connector. I already have a Nokia HS-9 headset which also has a 2.5mm
connector, but the cardphone is still on its way so I have yet to try it on the

Has anyone had any experience trying an alternative Nokia headset on the
cardphone? Are Nokia headsets that different from model to model even when they
have the same 2.5mm connector?



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