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Simultaneous transcription by humans. They trade off every 10 minutes or so.

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More than 10 years ago, I heard a speaker relate an experience that he
had when speaking at a conference. After his speech at that earlier
conference, he was followed up by a man who began his talk by having
his assistants pass out photocopies of the talk just concluded. The
first speaker thought this claim incredible as he had only spoken from
an outline, and even he didn't have a copy of his speech. The
gentleman went on to explain how his staff had used speech-to-text
technology to prepare these handouts, and that no one in the room
would be able to afford it at that time, but that before long, no
company could afford to not use it.
I always took that illustration at face value, but upon reflection
given the state of speech-to-text software on the market even today in
2009, wonder if there was any truth to that story.

Has anyone else ever heard that tale or able to confirm or refute it?
I wish I could recall the speaker or the meeting I was at when I heard
the tale, but alas, too much time has passed since the mid '90s.



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