Re: [NTLK] Pen computing is dead... long live the iNewt

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 05:09:35 EDT


--- On Sun, 8/16/09, Ken Whitcomb <> wrote:

> The gentleman went on to explain how his staff had used
> speech-to-text technology to prepare these handouts, and that no one in
> the room would be able to afford it at that time, but that before
> long, no company could afford to not use it.

Frankly, I'm a lot less impressed with this fellow's claim concerning speech-to-text technology than I am with his claim that "no one in the room could afford it" at the time. :)

Speaking for myself, I've seen some pretty unimposing people whip out some pretty impressive wallets/checkbooks when the time came. I'm not saying I'm one of these people myself, (I'm afraid I'm only unimposing, alas) just that I'd be reluctant to pronounce on the exact state of someone's bank account solely on the basis of their personal appearance. ¬ _¬

Meanwhile, I have to agree with Ryan's assessment. It's fairly commonplace for professional typists/transcriptionists to maintain typing speeds of 100+ wpm (to say nothing of someone well-versed in shorthand) . Having one typist transcribe while another edits the copy in real-time wouldn't be that difficult a parlor trick to pull off. ;)


James Fraser

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