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From: RAParker <>
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 20:28:44 EDT

On Aug 17, 2009, at 7:14 AM, "Goodwin, Greg P." wrote:

> So we lovingly call the iPhone the
> "iNewt", and in many ways it is.

> I would be interested in knowing how
> a iPhone and iPod touch are like a
> Newton,

Obvious things: Hand-held size and more than adequate speed, with a smart, intuitive, large (larger than a WinMo) touch screen operation. The iPhone OS also feels as dependable and constantly there, in much the same way the data and apps act on the Newton.

> what functions of the Newton are
> doable on the newer tablet devices,

Sync with Windows or Mac is beyond usable... it's better than anything I've experienced to date. Including todos, notes, photos, voice notes and music. I'm even able to sync to multiple machines without even a hiccup.

My iPhone has replaced Newt ToDo, Bills2Pay, wireless eMail and web browsing. I've added a check register, Wifi IP Tools, GPS & Maps, and Geocaching apps as well.

I need to add email spell checking and I wish I had MacinTalk Text-To-Speech for grammar checking.

I cannot replace note taking and handwriting. Perhaps voice notes may play a roll in solving that problem. But "hunt and peck" keyboarding is no replacement for a touch typing and handwriting.

Also, worth noting, the features that have replaced my Newton are modern and packed with greater usability. Catamount is still around and they've done a great job with PocketMoney. They even given an honorable mention to the Newton in their built-in help screens.

> and more about how to get the most
> out of those two devices?

I see myself still using my 2100 and eMate, more so at home for writing. However, due to its feature-rich yet incredibly portable size, the iPhone is now my everyday/everywhere Personal Digital Assistant.

So yes... My iPhone is my new Newton. It feels the same and helps me stay organized and connected... If not more so.


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